Hawaii Pidgin Bible

Hawaii Pidgin Bible

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The Hawaii Pidgin Bible is now finally available complete with both New and Old Testaments, full color illustrations, drawings, chapter tabs, index and much more. This local Hawaiian pidgin bible is so fun to read and share with others plus it makes a great gift too.

Da Good and Spesho Book
Hawaii Pidgin Bible (Revised)
by Hawaii Pidgin Bible Ministries

Dass why dis book da firs’ one dat give da local Hawaii Pidgin fo da whole bible. Da team check eryting five o six time, an’ use all kine commentary books fo’ make shua da meaning stay clear. Dey use da heavy kine Pidgin from the countryside, cuz dis book fo da peopo dat talk Pidgin all da time an’ English ony litto bit. Dey da peopo dat use Pidgin fo all do importan kine stuff – like wen dey stay suffa, wen dey get good fun, o wen dey like talk ‘bout how dey stay inside. But az not jus da people from da countryside, dey da one dat use dis book. Odda folks like un too cuz stay mo’ clear fo dem. Dey use um fo:
• Study da Bible
• Youth group
• Read to you
• Read wit yoa Kids
• Help peopo dat get trouble
• Teach
• Help peopo fo know Jesus
• Help Hawaii people dat live mainland fo no foget dea culcha
• An plenny mo’ kine stuff too

New updated edition for 2024.

Page Count 1,680 pages

9.25" x 6.5" x 1.70"

Publish Date

March 2024

Wycliffe Bible Translators 
Printed in Korea



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